Please note that roleplays outside of private rooms are not canon in the Color Bond universe and most (if not all) Drawpile sessions in public do not impact CB canon. Drawpile sessions serve as a sandbox for experimenting with the C.Bond universe and its dynamics. Please also be aware that this site is work in progress and most tabs/sections are unfilled or broken.

What is Color Bond?

Color Bond (aka. C.Bond or CB) is a universe that consists of an infinite number of dimensions, ruled over by four gods of polar forces. Every being in C.Bond has an aptly named "Color Bond" with another individual, that person is their fated companion and one who they will eventually commune with - until then every soul is forced to live and die forever. Only after meeting their partner and confirming their bond through a ritual relevant to their cultures can two souls live out their lives a final time and die. While Color Bonds are one of the primary factors the C.Bond universe, they are also teeming with mysterious races, people, dimensions and deities that all play their part in keeping the balance of time and space.

Color Bond Universe Rules

There are some basic rules that C.Bond follows, particularly with how Color Bonds work, how death works and how characters impact the world around them.

- A character can only truly die if they have affirmed their bond with their companion through a relevant ritual like marriage (of any kind, includes marriage rituals particular to races or dimensions). A character can also die instantaneously if their existence is a severe violation of the balance of time and space (usually from interdimensional paradoxes or interference). If a character dies before affirming their bond, they will simply resurrect after any amount of time with a form usually very similar to their previous one. Reborn characters typically have similar histories and soul colours but may have a different name, biography, gender or even species.

- All characters have a color or shade, but only characters with a COLORED soul (aka. any soul that is not 100% devoid of hue) can experience a Color Bond. All souls will always maintain the same hue. A character's soul can flux in saturation and brightness, though this only happens from things like curses, extreme distress or external influence from outer dimensions and powerful creatures that can manage these soul colors.

Any characters within this spectrum of black and white will never be able to affirm a Color Bond and ascend to the one of many afterlifes.

- Interdimensional travel within the Color Bond universe is rarely possible, characters who travel between dimensions will always struggle to maintain their location in their destination dimension. Color Bond dimensions cannot maintain stability if more than one soul with a bond to another soul exists, meaning they will be ejected and returned to where they belong. Exceptions exist in cases where Wanderers can will souls to roam in a foreign dimension using their collective energy.

More on Souls and Bonds

Every colored soul in a CB world has a bond with another individual. This bond represents the closest relationship a person or being can have with another, where social compatibility is at its peak. These relationships can manifest as powerful platonic and romantic relationships, never paternal. As powerful as these bonds are, it's impossible for most beings to notice them, comprehend them or even discover what they are. Bonds can defy any social conventions, extending beyond race, class, gender, species and a variety of other factors.

Here are some facts about souls, bonds and their dynamics:

- Soul color is indicated by a character's colored outline. Soul color is best represented as any visible hue.

- There are an infinite amount of soul colors. While humans may only be able to percieve them as a spectrum of color, no two souls are never truly the same even if they appear to be an identical color.

- Bonds tend to be formed between characters with contrasting soul colors, though this is not always true.

- Bonds can never change, even after a character dies and returns a bond will never change.

- Two souls will always be linked together, even if a person ressurects in an entirely new form or identity.

- When two souls finally meet and affirm their bond, their final deaths will allow them to pass to the afterlife where most will spend eternity after.

- Bond affirmation is any ritual that represents a lifelong commitment between two beings, this includes: matrimony of any kind or cultural significance, fusion between two bodies, blood pact or ritual.

Making a C.Bond Compatible Character

As long as your character has a soul color they are compatible in C.Bond RP. Your character doesn't need to have or know their bond, finding their bond may never happen in their lifetime so they are not required to have a designated partner.