Key Locations

The Blue Cobra has been a staple to the SoCal night-life for decades, attracting folks from every walk of life and from every social class. Spanning across multiple states including California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, Blue Cobra's brand is draped in its prestigious public reputation. Known for it's safe yet unsanctified bar culture, the SoCal roots of Blue Cobra have dug deep into the sinews of beachside life. The subtly sweet and crisp air in the bar along with the sanitised seats and distinct lack of any uncleanliness makes the space almost as surreal as it's mysterious owner.

The Sea of Stars Casino might be laden with golden lights and iconic dollarsign motifs, but anyone with a bit of scepticism would know that this place isn't as fortuitous as it seems. With a distinct lack of seating anywhere but at the looming slot machines, it's no wonder so many people lose their life savings here. As dauntingly dodgy as Sea of Stars seems, managing to keep your head above the water could make anyone a small profit and a good time with the strange folks of the coast.

Where exactly Goblinhome came from is unknown. How the massive, gaping hole in the field opened up the ground appeared is unknown. Why exactly theres a massive tunnel to the underground is also unknown. What is known is Goblinhome and it's residents are more than welcoming to friendly human faces. The aptly named Goblins have spent millions of years foraging through the glowing grasses and slimes in the underground. Despite all this time in solitude, the Goblins have been so willing to meet new folks they tried their best to write a sign for visitors (in what little English some of them know). Ignoring the colossal pool of slime at the bottom of the abyss and the odd trees, it's not too different to a cozy, suburban neighbourhood.

The Sunkissed Boardwalkis a well known stomping ground for some of the city's most bizarre as well as a popular tourist trap. As beautiful and radiant the sunsets are, the stench of decay doesn't seem to leave the air (as you'd expect from a tourism hotspot). The quieter parts of the boardwalk and the idealic skatepark give anyone unlucky enough to be trapped here a break from the bustle.

Whatever goes on in the Laurent House is one of the coast's local mysteries. Inhabited by a strange family of what some speculate to be excentric and particularly eclectic hoarders, anyone who gets a peek through a window could note the abnormal amount of books lying around in neat piles. Whatever's in there, it only seems that those who are friend's of the odd Laurents will ever know.